The Fiscal Year 2016 SMART Moves (Skills, Mastery and Resistance Training) grant from the Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health & Intellectual Developmental Disabilities was implemented by the Kentucky Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs (KA) at 11 Boys & Girls Club organizations across Kentucky. Several Club organizations collaborated with local school districts and community partners to reach additional youth undeserved by Clubs and communities.  

The SMART Moves program helps drive positive outcomes for youth in healthy lifestyles by exposing them to various age-appropriate activities designed to hone their decision-making and critical-thinking skills. By providing youth with resistance training and practical applications for learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle, this program has a positive impact and puts them on the path to a great future. In addition, the SMART Parents component engages adults to learn about and discuss the various challenges and temptations facing kids today (i.e., alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and teen pregnancy).

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