Understanding the Past for a Better Future

  • By Shelley Douthitt
  • 28 Jul, 2016

A Look at Inter-Generational Trauma

This Article  shows how one country is finally acknowledging a damaged past because of inter-generational traumas.  It's important for parents to understand how their past impacts their children's futures.

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By Shelley Douthitt 02 Aug, 2016

This summer I jumped aboard with the Kentucky Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs to help with administration work. Along the way, I had the opportunity to visit a Club site, attend my first gala, help out at a golf classic, attend two glow parties, and learn about healthy eating at an agriculture workshop! I enjoyed every minute of being an intern and hope one day you will have the opportunity to learn about a future career path you love, whether that be through higher education, an internship, shadowing someone in your field, or following the footsteps of a mentor. Whatever you choose to do, jump in with both feet and don’t look back!

            Going into depth with the administration aspect, I worked on a daily basis with the program, SMART Moves – which helps gives the tools to young people to avoid alcohol, drugs, and teen pregnancy. I helped grade and record the pre/post tests for all KY Clubs, while also making infographics with the final statistics to visually show the success of the program. In FY2016, KY Clubs had over 3,600 participants complete SMART Moves program! I also had the chance to make a version of the pre/post tests accessible online starting in the fall of 2016.

            Being that my main focus was SMART Moves with the Kentucky Alliance, I also had the opportunity to help with various tasks throughout the summer for different projects the local Boys & Girls Club organization in Louisville, KY had going on. Whether it was fundraising events such as The Big Event , the Golf Classic and the Glow Party hosted by Baseball Nationals, or seeing the different programs put into place at the Clubs – Seeds for Sale and Agriculture Adventures , or making infographics for upcoming events the Kentucky Alliance is hosting, I thoroughly loved seeing it all put into action!

            My advice to the new intern is to go into everything with a positive attitude! Everyone at the office is willing to help you out anyway that they can. Be flexible and attend everything you can to absorb as much of the company as possible. Boys and Girls Clubs of America is an amazing organization with a mission to “enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.” Know that, and strive to do all your work with that in mind. Think of as many suggestions and modifications for the process in which you do a task; although a majority of the time there is nothing that can be done about it, sometimes there is. Also, bring snacks!

            As I reflect on my summer internship, I realize how important working in a non-profit industry means to me. Knowing what I am did had a purpose and the people I am worked with are just as passionate about the cause – speaks volumes to me. Thank you for the opportunity to spend this summer learning!


Jena Reinhardt

Intern Summer 2016  

By Shelley Douthitt 01 Aug, 2016

Young people need more than facts and figures about alcohol, tobacco, other drug use and sexual involvement. They need more than assemblies and lectures, more than essay and poster contests, more than being told to “just say no” to drugs. These efforts have a place in an inclusive program, but alone are simply not enough. To be successful, a comprehensive drug prevention program must encompass instruction and skill-building activities, parent involvement and community support. This comprehensive approach to reducing drug abuse is summed up by SMART Moves.

SMART Moves program equips our children with basic life skills, problem-solving and decision-making abilities and communication skills, all designed to boost their self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of security. The program is now used successfully in communities across the nation. The program is based on a resistance training/social skills model. Using small group activities, it teaches young people to recognize and resist media influences and peer pressures to engage in alcohol, tobacco, other drug use and early sexual involvement.

  Click here to learn more about the FY2016 SMART Move grant implemented across the state.    

By Shelley Douthitt 28 Jul, 2016
 Author and guest speaker Seth Ferranti talks about his commitment to tell middle- and high-school students the truth about drug addiction and the life that is forced upon you. The Boys & Girls Clubs share this commitment.  His lessons learned become more important than the nerves that came with sharing publicly.  

 All across Kentucky, Boys & Girls Clubs are helping to teach our youth to think critically about using drugs and alcohol - we are teaching them important information and decision making skills through SMART Moves programming.  Connect with us to find out how you can become a partner to help address substance abuse in Kentucky!
By Shelley Douthitt 28 Jul, 2016
This Article  shows how one country is finally acknowledging a damaged past because of inter-generational traumas.  It's important for parents to understand how their past impacts their children's futures.
By Shelley Douthitt 28 Jul, 2016
One in four children in Kentucky face a harsh reality: Poverty.  But thanks to these new and ongoing initiatives, these children have bright futures.  The Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentucky understands the challenges these children face.  To help do our part, we have implemented meal programs, educational programs, and career-readiness programs in Clubs throughout the state.  Find a Club near you to support! 
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